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Videregen’s core technology is based on the seeding of decellularised biological scaffolds with autologous cells (derived from the patient) or allogenic cells (sourced from a donor). This creates regenerative replacement organs and tissues for transplant.

The company’s platform tissue purification technologies produce acellular biological scaffolds, without significantly changing the natural three-dimensional architecture of the scaffolds’ extracellular matrix.

The resulting acellular regenerative matrix is both biocompatible and non-immunogenic (can be implanted without immune rejection). Therefore, Videregen’s scaffolds can be regarded as universal donor scaffolds, and through addition of specific cells, can rapidly integrate with patients’ surrounding tissue, becoming a functional organ or tissue replacement.

Good Manufacturing Processes (GMP) are already in place, and Videregen has established supply chains to support its lead products for both, clinical trials and commercial supply, which are readily transferrable to additional territories. The company is working with expert partners who provide state-of-the-art tissue collection and recellularisation processing facilities, producing products that are ready for surgical implantation.

The extensive intellectual property and know-how has been translated into commercially scalable processes. The Company’s expert management and scientific teams have considerable experience developing successful tissue-based technologies and expanding these businesses into other regions around the world. Videregen’s manufacturing model allows flexibility and rapid low capital cost expansion into new regions.