Liver Organ Regeneration

Liver-Anatomy-OutlineWith an ever increasing shortfall of donated organs for transplantation and an increasing waiting list of patients, there is a clear need to have an alternative supply of organs for patients suffering from chronic  diseases such as liver disease.

Liver disease prevalence is increasing, with an estimate 8-10% rise per year for both hospital admissions and death caused by liver damage. Liver disease is now the 5th most common cause of death in the UK, while an estimated 30,000 people in the US die each year from chronic liver disease.

Videregen aims to provide a viable alternative organ source, to both improve patient outcomes and alleviate the shortfall in available donor organs.



Livers taken from a porcine source, which are similar in both size and anatomy to human liver, will be purified using our proprietary processing technology to remove all cells and cellular remnants, leaving a purified biological liver scaffold with the same tissue characteristics as normal liver tissue.

The purified liver will then be seeded with the patients own stem cells, before implanting the cell seeded liver into the patient. Since the replacement liver has the patients own cells, there will be no need for additional expensive immunosuppressant drugs.