Videregen Commissions Trachea Medical Art

Our leading trachea organ regeneration has the potential to successfully help patients suffering from trachea related diseases to recover and lead a healthy lifestyle. There is a severe shortage of organs available for trachea transplants, so Videregen’s work is vitally important to help overcome this shortage. An increasingly ageing population puts added pressure on the limited supply of organs available.

To clearly demonstrate the trachea organ replacement procedure on the website, in published copy and in presentations, Videregen identified the importance of visually being able to show the process.

To do this effectively the Videregen team identified that we required three medical illustrations to be produced showing:

  • A diseased trachea
  • A tissue engineered trachea
  • The new trachea in place

The next step was to find a professional and experienced medical artist to create the required illustrations.

Videregen Trachea Illustrations from Medical Artist

Choosing a provider for the creation of these illustrations required certain criteria to be met. It was important to choose a team of medical illustrators that were highly trained and skilled in the creation of anatomical art and visuals, who would be able to deliver on the specifics of the trachea illustrations brief., a medical illustration creative agency based in Surrey, came highly recommended and were commissioned with the task of creating the illustrations of the three stages of the trachea organ replacement procedure. As you can see from the image below, certainly delivered, producing a highly accurate anatomical illustrations of the trachea organ replacement process.

Trachea Organ Replacement Process Diagram

The Videregen trachea illustrations have now been implemented on the Trachea website page, helping to supplement the page content and better demonstrate the organ replacement process.

The Future of Videregen Trachea

The ultimate aim of our work is to develop commercially available organ replacements for diseases of the trachea and bowl. This would be a world first and would reduce healthcare costs and benefit patient’s quality of life and chances of recovery.

The trachea medical illustrations have helped to further develop the website and improve understanding about the procedure. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Joanna Culley and her team at for the creation of the trachea medical illustrations.

Further Medical Illustrations To Come

After the success of working with on the creation of trachea medical illustrations, Videregen have now commissioned further anatomical illustration work to provide similarly detailed diagrams to better demonstrate the Videregen small bowel and liver regeneration processes.