Mission & Vision

Transplant-GraphThere is a world wide shortage of donor organs for transplantation and an emergent need to extend transplant availability and for regenerative therapies to restore organ function, increase quality and length of life and reduce healthcare costs.

Videregen’s proprietary platform technology uses decellularised organ scaffolds seeded with the patient’s own stem cells to create non-immunogenic, regenerative bespoke organ replacements.



The organ processing technology, allows for gentle removal of cells and cellular Organ-cellurisation-diagramremnants from organ tissues, leaving behind a purified biological scaffold, that is cell friendly and retains the same characteristics as normal organ tissue.

Autologous cell seeding of the organ scaffold reduces the risk of organ rejection and removes the requirement for expensive immunosuppressant (anti-rejection) drugs that can have detrimental side effects on the patient and organ.

Initially focused on diseases of the trachea, bowel and liver, Videregen aims to develop the world’s first commercially available organ replacements for these conditions, reducing healthcare costs and improving patients’ quality and length of life.