About Videregen a Regenerative Medicine Company

Videregen is a spin-out regenerative medicine company from Northwick Park Institute of Medical Research (London, UK) created to address the chronic shortage of organs for transplantation. The company’s core technology uses decellularised organ scaffolds seeded with the patient’s own stem cells to create non-immunogenic, regenerative bespoke organ replacements.

As populations age and progress towards an inevitable increase in the incidence of chronic diseases and their associated cost to the individual and national healthcare finances, there is a current and emergent need to extend transplant availability and for regenerative therapies to restore organ function, increase quality and length of life and reduce healthcare costs. Regenerative medicine offers significant potential and opportunity to address unmet clinical and patient needs which will have a major impact on clinical outcomes and healthcare finances in the coming years.

Our platform tissue purification technology produces acellular biological scaffolds from a variety of tissues and organs without significantly changing the natural three dimensional structure of the source material. When seeded onto this scaffold, autologous stem cells respond to the material’s unique topographical properties which provide the signal for them to differentiate into the specific organ cell-types. Following implantation the cells multiply to repopulate the scaffold and develop specific biochemical and physiological functions, thus creating a living organ from the patient’s own cells.

We are initially focussed on trachea replacement, which is an orphan indication, followed by small bowel and liver organ replacement products. The direct financial costs of managing diseases related to these organs is significant and is ever increasing as populations age and lifestyle choices lead to increased incidence of chronic diseases and organ failure.